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Syncom has extensive client experience across the public and private sectors in both domestic and international contexts. A select list of engagements managed by our personnel includes:

Organization Change Management

To support the implementation of a large scale IT system and the modernization of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, the Syncom team is responsible for: 1) the development of strategic communications, 2) the refinement of the existing organization and business architecture, 3) the assessment of the organization’s change readiness and the design of any necessary risk mitigation strategies and, 4) the implementation of a performance management framework to govern the evaluation of the program’s progress against an established set of goals and objectives using an agreed set of key performance metrics.

Performance Management and Strategy

To achieve the goal of enhancing performance, accountability and transparency, the governor of Massachusetts signed an executive order requiring each of the state’s eight secretariats to implement a performance management system throughout their departments. Members of the Syncom team played an integral role in the development of the statewide performance management system. The Syncom team provided guidance regarding the governing principles and design of the performance management system and delivered training and knowledge transfer to government executives and managers across the state. The Syncom team had direct responsibility for the Department of Housing and Economic Development, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. For each of these secretariats, the Syncom team was tasked with developing and refining the department’s strategic plans, identifying appropriate metrics and measures for both the departments operations as well as their major programs and managing the collection, maintenance and statistical analysis of performance data and reporting the results and recommending corrective measures when performance deficiencies were identified. As a part of this engagement, the Syncom team drove the development of an analytical model used to maintain, manage and analyze performance data

Operations and Management

To facilitate the implementation of performance management within the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the Office of Performance Management and Innovation (OPM&I) produces a Performance Management and Accountability Report (PMAR) that is presented by the senior department staff to the secretary monthly and in a public, “town hall” format quarterly. When performance deficiencies are identified that merit further exploration, members of the Syncom team, in collaboration with OPM&I performed targeted, in-depth impact studies to help identify root causes and recommended corrective process and policy actions. In some instances, the validity and value of the underlying metric was questioned and, if found to be inappropriate, was removed and a new or modified measure recommended. In addition to the impact studies, all of the elements of the PMAR were re-evaluated and the data sets used to report results were revised, when necessary, to improve the accuracy of the performance assessment.

Organization and Strategy

IHS is a multi-billion dollar, publicly traded, Fortune 500 company headquartered in Denver, CO. The IHS senior leadership team identified the need to achieve strategic alignment within its organization structure, develop a more robust operating model and drive targeted cost reductions. The Syncom team managed this transformation effort and assisted IHS to: create alignment around IHS’ vision, mission, and strategic intent and objectives; deploy enhanced market and customer-facing capabilities that will translated into incremental revenue generating opportunities; rationalize IHS’ organizational and G&A cost structures to realize capital and cost efficiencies and to design a flexible end-state operating model that allowed IHS to respond to evolving market opportunities and challenges.

Insolvency and Restructuring

During the collapse of the US economy and real estate market, Colonial Village Apartments, a large apartment complex in Cincinnati, was in the process of foreclosure. The complex had been seized by the foreclosing bank and its operations had been placed in the possession of a court appointed receiver. Syncom devised and implemented a plan to restructure the organization and its liabilities and, using the protection afforded under the rules of Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code, was successful in restoring possession of the property and the operations to the owners.


The Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas appointed Syncom as the receiver-in-possession for a distressed 400 unit multi-family housing complex in suburban Cincinnati. The complex was scheduled to undergo extensive re-development, but had recently been condemned by the building department and deemed uninhabitable. After taking possession of the property, the Syncom team was successful in stabilizing the property and making the necessary health and safety improvements to allow the existing residences to remain, as well as increasing the occupancy of the property by bringing in new tenants.

Acquisitions and Deal Structuring

Nexus Realty Group is a privately held real estate development company looking to expand its holdings in the Cincinnati market. Syncom assisted Nexus in identifying viable acquisition targets, negotiating the purchase with the Sellers, finding suitable commercial lenders, and structuring and closing the deal on a $5MM portfolio of multi-family real estate assets.